Ways to Volunteer

  • leading, horse handling
  • sidewalking
  • grooming
  • barn maintenance
  • office help
  • office cleaning
  • gardening
  • fundraising
  • photography
  • event coordination

Sojourn offers a wide var‚Äčiety of volunteer opportunities. Sojourn has plenty of work to go around, and would not be thriving as it is today if not for the volunteers who help with lessons, care for and prep horses, and keep the place running. Our volunteers are the backbone of our program. Individual and group training and education is available and encouraged. Giving the gift of time is changing lives daily here at PFP. While no experience is necessary there is an orientation given onsite for the safety of our riders. Reach out to us today to find out how you can make a difference. All inquiries go to info@sojourntrc.org.